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Electric Scooters

Order a Zumaround today from Electric Bike City. Free shipping + insurance on all of our Zumaround. Order today and receive a free gift!

Electric Scooters

Our Tires 20Ē & 26Ē

20Ē tires and bigger Electric kick scooters continue to be the most comfortable, reliable and safe personal transportation system available today.

Comfort That Delights

All electric scooters come with pneumatic tires so you wonít feel the bumps on the road any more than if you were riding a bicycle. Our platforms are wide enough to let you stand naturally on the platform while you zoom down the street and low enough to offer a seamless electric-assist riding experience.

Safety First

All of our hybrid kick scooters are outfitted with front and rear e-brakes, which are like bicycle brakes attached to the motor. When you squeeze the brake, the motor shuts off, even if you are still pressing the throttle. Slow down at the speed you like. Always remember to always wear a helmet and follow all e-bike traffic laws when riding.

Commuting with Ease

Navigate street traffic with control and ease on electric kick scooters. Standing up offers easier maneuverability and greater stability than a bicycle.

Explore the World Around You

With our incredibly comfortable electric push scooters, you can spend the day casually gliding down a bike path and listening to the sounds of nature around you. Our signature quiet motor system makes riding an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

 Add Exercise Into Your Day

Our hybrid push scooters, giving you the option not to use the battery if you would like to add some exercise into your day. Kick on flat roads and choose to use the battery when encountering hills or headwinds. You can feel secure knowing you always have a way to get home, even if the battery runs out.


No need to rely on fossil fuels, electric push scooters come with rechargeable batteries that last a minimum of 500 cycles, or about 10,000 miles, and will take you about 20+ miles on a single charge. The battery is lockable and removable, so you donít have to drag the whole scooter with you to connect it to a power source. Just unlock the battery and take it with you.


If you are a Bike Rider that like to Camp. Try Saving Here !

Designed for kids ages 6 and up with NEW Bikes for 16 year oldís

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Want to Ride Indoors?

Get Your Bike Trainer Now!

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 We Specialize In Bike Repair!

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From a Mountain Bike That Came In For Repair!

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CountrySide Bicycling, LLC was started in order to help people ride bicycles for good health and family fun and fitness.

I found that good high quality bikes make it fun and more enjoyable to ride. (If you donít like your bike or you are not comfortable on your bike you will not ride.) We help people buy bikes, racks, tires and all the things needed to ride more comfortably. We also tune up bikes and do repairs to keep your bike safe and in good condition. Please feel free to call to set up a time to drop off your bike for repairs and inspection.



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One of The Best Rides In The Area!

See you at the Ride !!!

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Allegheny River Trail

Cover of the 2023 Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature!

So you need to have your self a new bike or make sure your old one is in good riding condition for riding the indoor season so you are ready for this spring.


The Chardon and Orwell bike trails are very nice to ride on.

If you have not been on them yet, you need to get out and try them.

Call now to look at the new bikes or to fix your old ones!

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No I donít Have Any 5 Seat Tandems! Just Thought It Looked Cool! But we do have two seat Tandem.  


We will help fit the bike to you for size and comfort.



Now is The Time To Get Your Self An Indoor

Trainer For Your Bike!

Why Stop Riding Just Because It is Cold, Wet or Hot Outside!

Ride Year Round on YOUR Bike!


No Matter How You Would Like To Ride We Have It !



Call For Prices!

Riding in the dark you will need lights and safety equipment!!


Now Available $9.00 each

Can order by phone and we will

mail it to you!




Our goal is to help people bike with quality equipment

and spend more time riding. NOT Repairing!


We have great prices on car bike racks!

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Bikes and E-Bikes!

We Sell also !í

Electric Bike Technologies



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We Carry Many Other E-Bikes Also (Fuji*Raleigh*Diamondback*Rambo*More)

Simi Step Thru


The Savage 750w electric bike - best 750w ebike

Old Style Kick Scooters! We Carry Torker, Kent!

Police Electric Scooters & Bikes Also!


Unistar Unicycles

Bike Parts!Tires!Tubes!Trikes With or Without Electric Motor!

Thank You!


Letís All Ride Safe!

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